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Hazard Response

Operations lifecycle management

Our ability to respond swiftly to service requests has been carefully crafted over time through the pairing of expert janitorial operators and quality assurance software tools. We've introduced a department dedicated to all things quality assurance which leverages CleanTelligent inspection and work order management software to centralize, streamline, and simplify day to day facility management. With this eye in the sky support over all locations and work orders, our janitorial teams are able to arrive on site for emergency calls in a timely manner with the proper tools and equipment necessary to get the job done. By increasing transparency across our teams, we've been able to increase trust between our customers and their dedicated facility maintenance staff—something as valuable as a quality cleaning service.

Empowering our HR experts

People are the heart of our business model and the champion of our people is our Human Resources team. To better help them support our staff we've integrated HR technology into their operations that assists with every aspect of human resources while offering innovative solutions to industry-specific challenges, such as maintaining consistent compliance and controlling labor costs. In partnership with EPay systems our professional HR staff can more effectively mitigate risks, stay up to code with labor compliance, maintain a vibrant and competitive workforce, verify new hires eligibility, and provide our partners and employees peace of mind. As a company committed to empowering our employees, we recognize the importance of investing in our Human Resources team as much as we can to best support their crucial functions. 


Real-time monitoring of our fleet

In order to complete a job our staff needs to have the proper tools and equipment available and ready for use. As we continue to scale our operations, we've implemented monitoring processes to keep track of our assets preventive maintenance, repairs, inventory, location, and more. By introducing nationwide monitoring of every piece of equipment, every maintenance part, and every robot in the field with detailed information on their performance, we are able to ensure that equipment is maintained so that our staff is never caught off guard and can respond to work orders swiftly. Unexpected repairs are a fact of life, and by leveraging this tool and training our operations teams on how to utilize it we're able to quickly process internal requests and react to unplanned events efficiently.

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