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Industry leaders in autonomous machines

Global Building Services is the leader in deployment and integration of cutting-edge robotics technology into scalable cleaning processes which has allowed us to deliver a more productive and sustainable solution to our customers. For four years we’ve partnered with autonomous solution providers including Brain Corp, ICE Robotics, and Minuteman International to autonomously clean over 100 million square feet on a weekly basis.

Introduction of robotics into our operations has resulted in a measurable increase in cleaning coverage and a maximization of team productivity. Leveraging robots allows our staff to focus on mission-critical tasks such as disinfection and sanitization of high-contact areas, something exceedingly crucial with the public emphasis on hygiene. Utilizing robotics is key for companies looking to augment their cleaning operations to fit the needs of a post-COVID world all while elevating their brand image.

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Insights into your facility services

We strive to build trust with our clients not only by delivering quality service, but by providing detailed insights into the quality and coverage of clean they are receiving. To achieve this trust we employ a variety of artificial intelligence and software tools, including quality assurance work order management programs and human capital management tools that help our team deliver the high-quality solutions our partners expect. When utilizing cloud-connected cleaning robots, our partners benefit from AI generated graphical reports that are created while operating autonomously alongside our staff. We use these reports to quantify work completed, identify opportunities for optimization, and provide metrics-supported advice to clients. Measurable data provides our team an opportunity to give real-time solutions to real-time problems, something that we utilize in operations, quality assurance, equipment maintenance, and human capital management. Data analytics tools help our leadership and partners consistently review work being performed, prove compliance, mitigate risk, and measure against key performance indicators.


Bringing innovation into your facility

Global Building Services is committed to bringing the latest and greatest in tools and equipment to our teams so that we may better serve our customers. We believe it is our duty to stay on pace with innovation at the same rate as our partners, and have taken an aggressive approach to developing processes to deploy and integrate autonomous solutions into a variety of market verticals including retail, education, medical centers, and commercial buildings. 

Benefits of integrating robotic solutions into your cleaning plan:

Maximize cleaning coverage Proof of coverage with analytics
Increased staff detail on scope of work Safe and proven AI technology
Visual commitment to cleanliness Integrates into facility seamlessly


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