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Promoting green solutions in our services

As stewards of our community we take great care in following best practices and procedures that promote the most sustainable solution with the least environmental impact for our customers. At Global Building Services we've partnered with leading technology and chemical manufacturers to ensure that we provide our customers with the opportunity to introduce new innovations that promote sustainability in their facility. We always take the opportunity to educate partners on the opportunity for green and sustainable cleaning solutions to keep up with the world's commitment to a healthier environment. In our services, we comply and promote EPA regulations in our cleaning processes and ensure that all employees are trained in proper chemical usage and waste disposal. We understand the balance between budgets and commitment to the environment for our customers, and take great care in guiding our partners on what best fits their needs. 

Green buildings
green cleaning programs

Programs to reduce waste

We take the responsibility to promote a sustainable environment as seriously as we take our responsibility to provide excellent service to our customers. We employ green initiatives to strive for environmental sustainability with the following:

Implementing recycling programs throughout the workplace
Utilizing energy-efficient technology and products, including robotics solutions
Distributing company reusable bags to staff members to reduce waste
Regular preventative maintenance on equipment to increase longevity
Utilization of reusable and microfiber materials 
Offering green seal and eco-friendly products that reduce toxic waste
Routine carbon monoxide and emissions test on all propane operating equipment

Leveraging new cleaning technologies

Keeping pace with innovation has brought us the opportunity to help empower our teams with new technologies that not only increase their quality of service but enhance the sustainability of traditional cleaning solutions. Integrating autonomous cleaning robots helps streamline cleaning processes as the robots follow trained paths which perform the most optimal routes in a facility. These optimized routes ensure that battery life and water usage is maximized for efficiency, reducing machine breakdown and ultimately reducing waste. 

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